Monday, March 03, 2008

Improper testimony

Today’s Reading: John 8:13(NIV)

13 The Pharisees challenged Him, “Here you are; appearing as your own witness; your testimony is not valid.”

Good day!

During a trial, objections can be raised by counsel during examination and cross-examination of a witness. During examination and cross-examination, opposing counsel may raise a verbal objection based upon a particular rule of law. The judge then determines whether to sustain or overrule the objection being raised. Every day, we are faced with making judgment calls based upon what we see and hear. We read our newspapers, listen to media accounts of stories on television and online. We listen to the opinions and thoughts of others. At some point, we make up our own minds about what is true and what is not. The Pharisees were considered experts in the law. Many relied upon their word in determining the truth of a matter. When it came to believing Jesus, the crowd was clearly divided. The Pharisees dismissed the testimony of this man from Nazareth as improper, because he could not possibly testify for himself.

Were there no other witnesses to confirm Christ’s holy Word? Some believed He was the Messiah, the Promised One who had been long awaited by the Jews. He would appear one day as a mighty warrior, overthrowing Roman rule, and ushering in a new way of life. There were many who believed. They could not explain it away; just listening to this prophet’s teaching and witnessing His healing power was enough to convince them that His Word was Truth. But there were others who would not accept His testimony. The law would not allow their minds to see a Messiah that did not fit snugly inside the man-made boxes they had constructed. The Promised One should be known and recognized by all. His own personal testimony would not be necessary.

Closed mindedness is a costly highway to drive upon. When it comes to knowing the Lord Jesus Christ, we must look with our spirit eyes, listening intently with our hearts. Can you hear Him speaking to you today? The Pharisees were convinced that Jesus of Nazareth was a liar. The Pharisees, like many others, could not accept the possibility that Christ might be telling the Truth. Do you believe that Jesus’ Word is improper, especially when it comes to your own personal life experience and circumstances? Have you even considered the possibility that His Word might be the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth?

Is Jesus’ testimony valid? Your decision about the man from Nazareth is the single most important judgment call you will ever make. Be sure to get the facts.

Grace and peace,

Deb Spaulding

Faith UMC - St. Charles, MO


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