Saturday, March 13, 2010

Proof of purchase

Today’s Readings: Acts 13:35 NIV

35 [Paul said,] “So it is stated elsewhere: ‘You will not let your Holy One see decay.’”

Good morning!

Nothing remains brand new for long. When we purchase a new automobile, the moment we drive it off the lot (even if the sticker is still attached to the passenger seat window) its face value depreciates exponentially. My father’s brother worked for one of the best car dealers in town. Daddy bought every car he owned from my Uncle, because Daddy knew he could trust Tom to offer the best value for the buck. Daddy never financed any of his automobiles – he paid cash for every car he ever owned. Have you learned how to live debt-free?

A new pair of shoes cannot be returned to the store if they have been worn once outside. Shoes are no longer considered new once you walk in them. You may be able to return clothing, as long as the tags have not yet been removed from the garment, and you must have a receipt. Even the finest of clothiers will not honor a return without proof of purchase.

The Father watched His Only Son become the scapegoat for humanity’s sin. His body was torn to shreds by a Roman whip and punctured clean through with stakes of iron. Jagged splinters from the tree pierced His raw flesh, reminding Christ of all the times we’ve willfully disobeyed our Father’s commands. Jesus became our proof of purchase for sin; He knew full well what the exact cost would be. How much proof do you actually need to know that your debt was fully paid on the cross of Calvary? Do we really have any conceptual understanding of how much it cost the Savior to purchase our way home?

Unlike the depreciation we see in the things of this world, there is intrinsic value added to a life saved by grace. When one repentant sinner kneels at the foot of the cross, what was once an indebted, decaying form, now receives His newness of life. Our sticker price exponentially increases in value! In fact, God calls His creation “priceless” because He is willing to redeem us with His very own blood. The Father keeps His Word. He did not allow His Holy One to decay; nor will He allow our lives to fall prey to death and destruction, IF we are willing to confess our sins, repent and turn, placing complete faith in the Only One who can truly save us. Ask the Lord Jesus Christ to change your sticker price right now. He will do it with open arms when you choose to receive Him as your personal Lord and Savior. Unmerited favor, so undeserved, is offered to all who will ask and receive.

Grace and peace,

Deb Spaulding

Faith UMC - St. Charles, MO


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