Saturday, October 17, 2009

“Jesus Christ heals”

Today’s Reading Acts 9:32-35 (NIV): 32As Peter traveled about the country, he went to visit the saints in Lydda. 33There he found a man named Aeneas, a paralytic who had been bedridden for eight years. 34"Aeneas," Peter said to him, "Jesus Christ heals you. Get up and take care of your mat." Immediately Aeneas got up. 35All those who lived in Lydda and Sharon saw him and turned to the Lord.

God does not beat around the bush to get to the main point of His message! Only 4 sentences was needed here. Jesus heals…… believe……..

From this we can come to know that giving your testimony does not have to be lengthy or full of profound words that are difficult to understand. God’s sermon for this day is wrapped up nicely in this truth! I am encouraged by this passage, for I need healing – everyday healing that is supernatural beyond my understanding. Those experiences grow my faith and acceptance of the love Jesus Christ has for me.

Jesus Christ has healed previous wounds in my life and turned them into a way for me to draw closer to Him. To be healed, one must pray. Pray with the steadfast hope that we know God will answer our prayers in His time and in His will. Pray to accept that will and to trust that it is perfect!

We need nothing else, but God’s perfect will for our lives to be healed! Now go and tell someone.

Dorothy Drago Brucks
Aldersgate UMC
Nixa, Mo.

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