Wednesday, August 01, 2007

There is comfort in the dark

Grand Sweep Daily Reading: Jeremiah 22, 23, 24; Psalm 112

Psalm 112:4 (NIV)

Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.

Good morning!

When I was a young girl, I had collection of stuffed animals. They proudly sat on my bed, leaning against the purple and pink pillow sham next to the head board. I would say that Jeremiah Benjamin, an oversized teddy bear, was my favorite. Jeff’s parents gave me this teddy bear on Christmas morning in 1974. April May was a cute little yellow elephant that I purchased from a shop at Six Flags over Mid-America. I had a red turtle, a couple of floppy-eared puppy dogs, and a furry cat named Chloe. Whenever I was sad, or tired, or even a little lonely, those precious toys kept me company and provided a safe place where I could cuddle up and share my many thoughts and dreams. Do you recall having a favorite stuffed animal in your life?

My granddaughter Emily carries a baby doll named Honey with her everywhere she goes. That doll was the first baby doll her mother ever owned. Rachel’s grandmother gave Honey to her on her very first Christmas, when Rachel was barely six months old. Honey is a little worn, but she washes up well, and now Emily carries her around, saying, “This is my honey.” There is a joy that comes with passing down something so precious to our children and grandchildren. It is a priceless heirloom, and while it may not look like much, that baby doll has tremendous sentimental value.

The Psalmist shares some comforting words in Psalm 112. He reminds us that even in the darkness, when we feel lost and alone, the light will dawn for those who are gracious, compassionate, and walk with integrity. Like a soft, cuddly teddy bear, these words provide hope and comfort for those of us who are stumbling around in the darkness, looking for the light. God promises that His light is coming, and if we will just hang on for a little while longer, we can get through the dark places of our life.

If you find yourself stumbling around in the dark today, I’ll share my teddy bear with you. Do not be afraid. God is there, even when we cannot see Him. And there is promise that His light will dawn, and the one day, the darkness will fade away, once and for all.

Grace and peace,

Deb Spaulding

Pray for: comfort! The Lord sees you. He knows who you are. He will not leave you alone in the dark. Grab onto His love, and hold on for dear life. He will shelter you in the everlasting arms.


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