Monday, May 28, 2007

A reflection of God's grace

Grand Sweep Daily Reading: 2 Chronicles 29, 30, 31, 32

I Corinthians 13:12 (NIV)
Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

Good morning!

I shouldn’t have looked in the mirror this morning. Oh my gosh! Where has the time gone? Thirty years ago today I stood in front of a floor-length mirror, looking at my reflection and wondering what the future might hold. There I was, in my white wedding gown and veil, making a decision that would bless me for the rest of my days. I was getting married to the man of my dreams! I flipped through the pages of our wedding album this morning. That picture in the mirror snapped thirty years ago by our wedding photographer reminds me of a little girl playing dress up in her mother’s white wedding gown. I was just a baby! He looked like a little boy, with lots of hair! It is more than obvious to me that God has been gracious to us through the years. He has blessed our family in incredible ways. Marriage is a unique experience. It is one precious moment in time, encompassing an entire lifetime of all our hopes, dreams, and the days of our future spent together as one. It is the beginning of a new generation, the forming of a new family. I couldn’t see my babies’ faces in the mirror that day, but I knew in my heart there would be babies. We had three of them. Now our babies are having babies. I look at my grandchildren with wonder and amazement. They are extensions of our life; someday they too, will look at their reflection in the mirror and wonder where the time has gone.

Jeff and I recently took a trip to California. It was a wonderful week; one that I will never, ever forget. The hotel where we stayed was a suite, set up for business trips. It was awesome. I was able to plug my laptop in and work without disturbing Jeff early in the morning. Between the living area and the bedroom, there was a small hallway with a bathroom dividing the two rooms. Floor length mirrors ran along the hallway. Can I tell you how that mirror scared me every single morning? I would open the door to the bathroom and immediately see my reflection in the dark. I jumped every time I opened that door. Have you ever scared yourself silly when you suddenly see your full-length reflection in the mirror of life?

God knew who I would be when He fashioned me in the palm of His hand. Long before my parents saw my face, He sculpted my form out of nothing. He shaped my heart, hoping it would be a heart that He could use someday to love His people. He let me go and watched me as I grew and changed through the years. He has a plan for my life. How He hopes I will choose to follow Him home.

Isn’t it simply amazing that as I grow and mature, I realize there is only one thing I need in my life. I need the Lord Jesus Christ. Through every season of life, we prepare ourselves to return to the one who gave us life to begin with. I may not look like I did thirty years ago. I know I don’t look like I did forty-eight years ago, when I was small enough to be cradled in my mother’s arms. How I pray that my heart continues to grow daily into the mirrored reflection of my Jesus.

I wonder if one sweet day, I will become a true reflection of the Lord I love. When my husband looks at me this morning, will He see Jesus living in my heart? Will he know me as the bride of his youth, and be blessed by the woman I have become? God’s love holds us together, even in seasons of change. I may not look or act the way I did thirty years ago, and that is a true blessing! While I could stand a few less wrinkles and little less body fat; and possibly an attitude adjustment here or there, I’m grateful to be growing in faith and love with the husband of my youth, and the Lord of my life.

Grace and peace,

Deb Spaulding

Pray for: His love to be your one and only source for daily living. As you look in the mirrored reflection of your life today, can you see the light of Jesus Christ shining through you?

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