Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Today’s Reading: Acts 13:23 NIV

23 [Paul said,] “From this man’s descendants God has brought to Israel the Savior Jesus, as He promised.”

Good morning!

Our two year old grandson Andrew is especially fascinated with the scar on Nanny Deb’s neck. Fortunately, Andrew does not have any surgical scars on his body like the marks his mother, sister, and grandparents have. This is why I believe Andrew is particularly drawn to scars.

Last week, Emily cut her arm on a sharp toy edge. It poked her and she had a dribble of blood well up, just enough to really upset her. She ran into the kitchen asking for a Band-Aid®. Immediately, Andrew’s curiosity peaked. He had to see Em’s injury for himself. Without hesitation, Andrew lifted his jogging pants leg and pointed to his perfect little knee cap. “Nanny,” Andrew moaned, “Owie! Owie!” His little voice mimicked Patches, their calico cat, when she meows in a high pitched tone. This was a definite attention getter. I washed Emily’s arm and placed the bandage over her cut then turned my full attention to Andrew. “Do you have an owie too?” I asked, with a look of concern on my face. Andrew’s eyes were as large as coffee cup saucers. He pointed again to his perfect little knee, and said, “Owieeeee!”

Emily watched as I took two bandages from the box. I placed the first bandage running up and down the knee cap. I wrote the name of Jesus upside down on the second bandage and placed it across the first so he could see the name from his point of view. I asked Andrew if he knew what was written on the bandage. Without hesitation, Emily replied, “That says Jesus, Nanny!” Andrew looked at me with questioning eyes. “Jesus came to cover all of our owies.” When we get hurt, or make a mistake; when we wear scars that will not completely heal, we can always ask Jesus to come and cover our owie forever. Because He is God’s only Son, and the Savior of all, Jesus is the only One who can heal us.” I took another bandage out of the box and placed it across the scar on my neck. I said, “See how Jesus is healing my scar?” The children nodded their heads. I pulled the bandage back and said, “Is the scar still there?” “Yes,” Emily said, in a rather disgusted tone. “Well, there is a reason for that,” I replied, grinning ever so slightly. “You see, Jesus covers our scars, our mistakes, our hurts by His blood. We may still see the left over scar, but God no longer sees it when Jesus covers us in His love.” As the children ran off to play, I found myself admiring the bandage in the mirror, knowing how Jesus has forever covered my sin.

The Apostle Paul proclaimed that it was through God’s descendants that He sent His Only Son Jesus, the Savior. He lived, died and rose again, to pay the ultimate price for all of our sins. If you bear the scars of sin, sickness, sadness, guilt, grief, and pain, there is a perfect healing waiting for you at the foot of the cross today. Please pray this prayer with me right now, “Lord Jesus, I believe that you are God’s Only Son, the Savior of my soul. I know that you are the only One who can cover my sins now and forever. I’m so sorry for the things I’ve said and done that have hurt others, hurt myself, and most especially hurt you. I confess my sins and ask for your forgiveness. I believe your Word is faithful and true; I receive your healing power over my life today. I love you, Lord; I willingly give you my heart, for it is all I have to offer. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me. Amen.

Grace and peace,

Deb Spaulding

Faith UMC - St. Charles, MO


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