Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Gospel Truth

Today’s Reading: Acts 12:24 NIV

24 But the Word of God continued to increase and spread.

Good morning!

On New Year’s Eve, Jeff and I were wandering around in a very large crowd of people along the sidewalks of Epcot®, a part of the Walt Disney World® theme parks and resort located in Orlando, Florida. We were there with our daughter Rachel and family, spending time together during Christmas break. This was my second trip to Disney World; my parents took me to the Magic Kingdom® in the summer of 1975. A lot has changed since then! Of the theme parks we visited at Disney World®, Epcot was clearly my favorite. The park was crowded early when we arrived, and families continued to pour into the park as the day grew longer. By lunch time, there were so many people walking through the World Showcase that it was difficult to find a place to sit down and rest. Jeff and I grabbed a sandwich at a Norwegian kiosk, and tried to get comfortable on the concrete curb next to the lake. We enjoyed eating our sandwiches in the near perfect 75 degree weather, while watching people pass us by.

It became readily apparent that this theme park belongs to the whole world. We saw thousands of families visiting from different countries, gathering together here on this, the last day of 2009. I heard many different languages spoken all at once. When you travel the world showcase, you have an opportunity to visit twenty different countries, experience a little of its unique culture and traditions, and sample their foods. As crowded and chaotic as the park had become, folks seemed to show respect for each other. It is not always easy to be in such a crowded area and demonstrate human kindness to your neighbors. People were extraordinarily nice that day, as we sat in showcase plaza.

I took a moment to close my eyes and listen with my heart. How I longed to be able to understand the words of my brothers and sisters as they passed me by. The various languages, all spoken at once, were beautiful to hear. I thought about the day the Apostle Peter testified to the thousands gathered together that morning in the square. Every nationality could hear the Gospel message spoken in their native tongue and wondered how this could be. Many presumed the men had consumed too much wine! And from what I could see, there was plenty to drink at Epcot® on this, the last day of 2009.

Sometimes we may feel a bit discouraged, wondering if the salvation message we proclaim is being heard and understood around the world. Many good men and women lost their lives translating and distributing Scripture into words which the common man could read and understand for themselves. We continue to find new ways to get the Gospel into the hands of everyone, everywhere! Even though we may struggle to communicate, it is Christ’s Words changes lives, for all people, everywhere. Even amid the many adversities we face, the Word of God continues to increase and spread.

How will Jesus Christ choose to use you to share His Gospel Truth with the world today?

Grace and peace,

Deb Spaulding

Faith UMC - St. Charles, MO



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