Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chosen ones

Today’s Reading: Acts 13:17 NIV

17 [Paul said,] “The God of the people of Israel chose our fathers; he made the people prosper during their stay in Egypt, with mighty power he led them out of that country.”

Good morning!

Mother wanted me to understand from an early age that I was adopted. From the moment I began talking and walking, she used to sit me on her lap and tell me just how much she loved me. She would say, “Deborah, most Mommies and Daddies don’t get to choose which babies they bring home from the hospital, but you were very special, because we got to pick you out! Then she would wrap her arms around me and give me a great big bear hug! Of course, this wasn’t exactly how the adoption process worked. My mother received a telephone call in December of 1958, with news that a premature infant girl had been born and that she might be hospitalized for some time. The adoption agency inquired whether they would be interested in taking the baby girl when she was able to leave the hospital. Sight unseen, my parents agreed without a moment’s hesitation, believing in their hearts that I was meant for them. How the adoption actually happened didn’t really matter much to me, because I knew in my heart that I was wanted. I was loved.

There is something extraordinary in knowing you are truly loved. The Father made it clear to the Hebrew children that they were His chosen ones, even though they struggled in captivity for many years. The Egyptians treated the Hebrews with no regard; yet, the Hebrew population flourished and became a strong and enduring nation. Many Hebrews died at the hands of a mean and vile Pharaoh, who made the people his personal slaves and gave them absolutely no freedom. God sent Moses to bring His people out of Egypt and into the promised land of their fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It is a very difficult thing to see the incomprehensible suffering of the orphans struggling to survive in Haiti. Tens of thousands of little children have lost their parents, grandparents and siblings; many of these wee ones have suffered serious physical injuries. In one recent news broadcast, I watched in wonder as a widowed grandmother helps a young boy lost in the streets. His entire family is buried under the rubble caused by the earthquake. He chooses to stay with this woman and together, they became each other’s family. It is such a shame that it takes a massive earthquake for people to fully grasp the real meaning of love. We are all God’s children and we are all blood-kin.

Children need to know Christ’s love, especially at this particular moment in time. It is my fervent prayer that Haiti’s children will become our family, as we reach out with arms of faith to the least, the last and the lost. We need to choose to love each other right now, for we have experienced the Father's great love through our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Grace and peace,

Deb Spaulding

Faith UMC - St. Charles, MO


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Ohakosim Everistus said...

Thank you for your excellent piece. AS Christ Chosen we have a duty to show the Love of Christ. Keep it up