Monday, November 09, 2009

"Laity in Ministry"

Today’s reading - Isaiah 52:7 (NIV): 7 How beautiful on the mountains
  • are the feet of those who bring good news,
  • who proclaim peace,
  • who bring good tidings,
  • who proclaim salvation,
  • who say to Zion,
  • "Your God reigns!"
Before we start Chapter 12 of Acts, I wanted to share with you about serving in ministry from a laity perspective based on this scripture. You may have heard the term ‘just in time training’ well that is how I feel sometimes about how I accomplish things. I take on project work, it is my specialty. I thrive on challenging projects and learn as I go, ‘just in time’ to complete the work.

Last Friday, I felt down in the dumps, but that all changed after having a wonderful conversation with a friend. Now I am feeling joyful. I have spent the past few weeks reading and preparing to lead my Sunday School class through a 4 week session about ‘Who We are as United Methodist’. So of course I had to start with John Wesley. Sunday just past, was my first lesson plan. It was awesome to share with the class, (most all new to Methodism) how the Lord powerfully blesses laity in ministry. God has blessed lay preachers for centuries.

Since the beginning of September I have been moderating an on-line lay speaker course titled “Go Preach” and I am so proud of the six students that persevered through the course and will be coming together this Saturday to meet each other, to further their training and to present their prepared sermons. These folks feel called and I admire each of them for being willing to serve.

Lastly, tonight I finished my first ever knitting project – now don’t laugh, because I was inspired to knit a prayer shawl for our prayer shawl ministry. I was overcome with emotion tonight as our group prayed over the shawl. It has many flaws, but holds many prayers which have been prayed in advance for the person that God already knows will be the recipient. (Isnt' that kool He already knows who?)

The scripture today describes laity in ministry; the lay speakers will bring the good news in their messages, the prayer shawls will bring peace, John Wesley’s lay preachers proclaimed salvation.

And you and I say “God Reigns!”

Dorothy Drago Brucks

Aldersgate UMC
Nixa, Mo.

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