Monday, November 30, 2009

"Am I?"

Today's reading - Acts 12:15 (NIV): 15 "You're out of your mind," they told her. When she kept insisting that it was so, they said, "It must be his angel."

I have strayed from writing the daily devotional from scriptures of the book of Acts. As with all of you, I have been extremely busy and that is my excuse. I haven’t forgotten that our friend Deb had been allowing me to continue this journey in her stead as she heals, I just simply had other responsibilities that took a great deal of my time. But today is the day to start afresh, right where we left off.

“Are you out of your mind?” is a question I have asked myself and others thousands of times in the past and I never knew I was quoting scripture! In that context, I think this verse is humorous, but let’s look at it in a different light.

There are many days that I keep insisting ‘yes you did, no I did not, did too, are you sure’ (because I usually don’t remember but feel the need to defend myself). Perhaps that is self protection, asserting my right to never admit I can’t remember something. I use to have such a vast memory bank, but not any more.

Just this morning about 1 ½ hours into work, I said out loud to my co-workers “I don’t remember what I did with my lunch.” I went back to my car and did not find them so at this point I couldn’t remember if I got it out of the refrigerator or not. Yes I did, I know I did, then Phil calls, guess what is on the kitchen table dear?

I too must be out of my mind just as this servant girl was being accused of being. I love how she exclaimed that ‘it must be his angel.” In our daily lives we too should call upon the angels of God, the ones singing praises to the King of the Jews, praising God always, eternally.

Let’s you and I live in the moment of angels always, and may we never forget to do just that. If we claim it out loud, maybe someone will say “You’re out of your mind,” and we can respond, yes, we are in the mind of the Holy one, always loved and cared for and for that we are praising His name, Emmanuel.

Dorothy Drago Brucks
Aldersgate UMC
Nixa, Mo.

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